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Rare Honey From Argentina On Its Way

Dear friend, I hope you are well. I’m writing to tell you that 2 pallets of Catay honey are on its way to Dubai.
What a wonderful message to wake up to this morning from Claud my Chilean beekeeper and friend.
Catay honey is extremely rare and you can only harvest it for two months of the year. Through Luis, a beekeeper in Argentina and Claud the news reached me and now I cant wait to receive this precious product and share it with other honey lovers.

Rare Catay honey on its way to the UAE across the Parana river in Argentina

The honey is harvested in boats along the Paraná River in Argentina where it is packed into containers and then shipped to me in the UAE.

My shipment of catay honey on its way to Balqees

It makes me very happy to work with small co-operatives and bee keepers around the world who care so much about the purity of their products. They know how to take care and respect those ‘bloomin’ lovely bees!
Watch this space as to when the shipment arrives.
Info below, contact me if you want to know more.