Hiya, I’m Riath Hamed founder of Balqees Honey and known as ‘the Honey Man’ of the UAE due to my passion for the liquid gold and my love of bees.

I’m from Yemeni heritage, born and raised in South Yorkshire, Sheffield, UK, and I moved to the Middle East in 2005 I was shocked back then to discover how difficult it was to source and buy quality raw Yemeni honey in the UAE. This sparked my curiosity and search, you could call it a single-minded obsession, to make the finest raw honey in the world available to everyone.

I have gone to great lengths to find really pure, raw honey amid a sea of adulterated and fake sweet stuff which is passed off as ‘honey’. I make sure that my honey is straight from the hive, direct from Gods given earth and is naturally nutritionally rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals. I have sought out rural beekeepers in remote areas of the pristine countryside of Yemen and in recent years other clean corners of the world. These semi-nomadic artisans have been using centuries old traditions to harvest their honey, maximising the natural goodness of the honey while minimising any interference with the bees. I formed cooperatives that guarantee the quality of honey, Balqees honey, can source the very best honey while helping the beekeepers to maintain their traditional way of life and thus securing their livelihood.

This is the story of my life with honey, bees and good food and ingredients. My passion and love of raw honey has taken me on a journey that I never expected and along the way I’ve met some of the most interesting and diverse group of people on earth that include Michelin star chefs, super models, celebrities and loving bee keepers who harvest honey for love rather than for profit and respect the environment. Join me on my adventures running a honey business in the UAE, my travels across the globe seeking out unique and delicious raw honey and interesting food and ingredients along the way.

The content in this blog belongs to me and are my thoughts and opinions. Sometimes I will comment on news articles, opinions of others and words that provoke or inspire me. I will always endeavour to reference my sources as I hope you will do for me as we support each other and food/travel blogging community grows. Please contact me to share your thoughts on anything I have written and if you want to know more about honey.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Riath Hamed.