From Manuka to Venison, Taking the High Road on the South Island

In 2016 Riath Hamed, founder of Balqees Honey,  travelled to New Zealand with Suzanne Radford presenter of the Dubai Eye 103.8 food show, The Thursday Brunch. They spent time in the kitchen with chef Graham Brown, who is one of New Zealand’s most internationally respected chefs who travels the world learning about the different ways to cook venison. They visited Prime Smoke, a family-run salmon smoking enterprise, where Prime Smoke director Henry Studholme showed them around the factory and explained the salmon smoking process, inspiring Riath on how to use honey in the smoking process. Top of their list was seeing, first-hand, the Manuka bushes growing in the remote part of the South Island on High Peak Country Estate. Have a listen to Suzanne and Riath talking to Tom Dunbar in one of the most beautiful spots in the world and what Riath did with the raw honey he brought back to the U.A.E.

Little India Tour with Frying Pan Adventures

You can often hear Riath Hamed (founder of Balqees) on Dubai Eye 103.8’s food show and one of the highlights was taking a tour of Dubai’s own “little India” with Frying Pan Adventures. Our food tour guides showed everyone the origins of curry, chaat, pani puri, thali and Desi coffee and more. Listen for a roller-coaster ride of spices and a peek inside a Frying Pan Adventure.


Discovering superfoods in Bali

Riath travelled to Ubud with raw food Chef Athena from Supernatural Kitchen in Dubai as she was looking for inspiration for her vegan creations. Suzanne Radford recorded the story and you can hear all about it here from the Dubai Eye 103.8’s podcast. They were looking for Irish moss which Chef Athena uses in her vegan cheesecakes. Its a natural binding agent. Riath learned more about some different healthy foods that nourish and give us energy.